The Beauty Of Technology

The world is changing. And don’t you just love it! A century and a half ago, the only way you could talk to your better half was by eagerly waiting for that perfumed love letter to make its way to your mailbox. And this could take months especially if he or she resided in America and you lived in London. Without a doubt, you really had to be MADLY IN LOVE for a long distance relationship to last!

Today, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can instantly dm your lover and get the conversation going in a jiffy. And it’s funny how this has resulted in relationships being less serious than they were back in the day ( the joke is on us). All in all, technology has brought marvelous wonders in each and every aspect of our lives!

One particular aspect is the business world. Back in the day, we had barter trade (you know, exchanging a bar of soap for a goat and so on) and now, we’ve got the stock exchange, debit cards, credit cards…yadda yadda. In fact, it’s safe to say that each and every business needs great IT support to keep up to speed with the ongoing technological revolution. Not to mention being a force to reckon with in this volatile financial market.

That being said, how do you remain at the apex of your business niche? By accessing splendid IT assistance. As the leading IT support company London, we offer this plus so much more!

The Dangers of Cleaning Your Own Roof (And Why You Should Hire a Pro!) Part One.

We all want a shiny exterior to our house and a nice clean roof: it shows that we take pride in our High Wycombe homes. Power washers are a great way to clean the exteriors of houses, and the roofs, in fact, they are 80 times more powerful than a regular standard garden hose. And that is the exact reason why caution needs to be exercised when using them – that’s an awful lot of pressure! For every home owner who is versed in pressure cleaner use, there is another who puts themselves at risk when attempting to do the job themselves. Read on for the common dangers involved in power cleaning roofs by yourself.

  1. Risk of Injury

The high pressure that power cleaners generate is 4000 psi or around 275 bars. Pressure of that kind can inflict some serious damage on those who decide to undertake their own roof cleaning High Wycombe. Injuries reported in the hospitals include; lacerations, bruises, and eye injuries. Some people have even lost use of an eye. While the cost advantage of cleaning your own roof seems like a powerful motivator, is it really worth an eye?

  1. Damage to Your Property

All it takes is one inexpertly aimed blast of the pressure cleaner in the wrong direction and you can do some serious damage to your property! Pressure cleaners can even knock out cement grouping between tiles if used incorrectly!


Hosting a Farewell Party

Farewell parties can be held for a variety of occasions and are the perfect way to send off a friend, relative, loved one or coworker. Create great memories and show them you all love them by throwing a farewell party before they move on. The occasion can be when someone leaves their job, moves area or country, or simply starts a new chapter in life. Just like any party, organising and hosting a farewell party can take a bit of work. From planning the venue and entertainment to the guest list and invitations, there can be a fair amount to think about. Enlist the help of other friends or coworkers to help you, and with some teamwork you can plan a fabulous farewell bash. Celebrate your guest of honour by throwing them an unforgettable party.

  • Theme – Start off the planning by coming up with a theme. This can be something that the guest of honour loves, or a representation of their journey and your time together. If they are moving away, you could host a ‘bon voyage’ party with travel and different cuisines as the theme. If you just want to have some fun with your loved one and friends one last time, think about car racing experiences, paintballing or a day at the spa.
  • Location – Once the theme has been chosen you need a location that fits with the theme. If you are having an experience day then you need to find a suitable venue that offers what you are looking for.
  • Invitations – Then send out invites to everyone that you think should be there.

Useful Tips for the Perfect Wedding Menu

There are so many things to think about when planning your wedding, and food is one of the most important ones. Every guest secretly hopes the food is amazing when going to a wedding, and the happy couple no doubt want to impress with their chosen menu and caterers. Before choosing your menu, you will have to discuss with your venue or caterers about what food options are possible. If you book your special day at the wedding venue Lewes for example, you will have a team of expert chefs who are ready to create delicious, bespoke cuisine that you choose, but this will not be possible at every venue.

  • Unique – To be really different and impress your guests, talk to your wedding caterers about unique dishes and new food ideas that haven’t been done before. For example you can make colourful sushi rolls from rice and vegetables, or savoury cupcakes out of pastry and cheese.
  • Indulge – Instead of making your guests choose between different dishes, why not indulge them and serve a variety of mini-dishes. For example, instead of choosing between a steak or fish meal, serve out mini servings of different dishes so they can try everything.
  • Theme – Try to select a theme for the menu that carries through every meal. This ensures that the meals will work together and will set the tone for the evening. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pick a certain cuisine type such as Italian or Thai, it is just best to have an overall theme.

Working with Your Designer for a New Logo

No matter what kind of organisation you are, from a brand new start-up to a well-known successful company that wants to rebrand, designing a logo is serious business. A logo is a small design that is used to identify a brand, and it can be used on its products, packaging, vehicles, uniforms, and much more. If you work with a creative marketing agency, they will most likely have a team of designers ready to give you ideas for your new logo. If you are working with your in-house designer, read on for some helpful advice.

  • Research

Begin by researching what is around the industry in terms of logos and determining your organisation’s place in the market. If there are certain conventions regarding logos in your market, there is the choice to stick to them or create something completely different. Also research your customer base and tell your designer about your clientele so they can create something that is appealing to them.

  • Strategy

Chat with your designer about your goals and the strategy following a creative brief.

  • Represent the Brand

Make sure the logo defines the brand and everything you represent, as this is how customers will perceive the company. The logo should follow the story of the organisation, with your culture, ideas, your product or service, and present a reputable brand. The designer will take of these ideas and hopefully come up with a visual that represents your story.

5 Tips to Build and Maintain Investor Relations

The majority of business owners at one time or another will need a fresh capital influx to help the business with growth. The difficult part however is finding and approaching investors, no matter if they are existing financiers or new ones. Entrepreneurs and owners of businesses should understand that investor relations are a very important part of successful trading and will be profitable in the long run. Here are 5 tips to build and maintain investor relations:

  1. Connections

Take every opportunity to meet investors and connections to build up your contacts. Building relations and connecting with others is the top way of gaining investor interest.

  1. Mutual Benefits

Build relationships with mutual benefits so the investor wants to help your business succeed.

  1. Mentors

Investors are not only useful for money; they can provide valuable advice and become useful colleagues and mentors.

  1. Take Time

It is usually best to meet investors long before you need to raise any capital. This way you can take your time, create a relationship with them, keep them updated and show them that you can run a business and solve any problems along the way. This will encourage them to invest in the future.

  1. Balance

When working alongside investors, both parties need to understand a good balance of partnership and freedom. Investors should not be looking over your shoulder every day; however they should also have some input when necessary. When bookkeeping Kent your finances, make sure to provide reports for investors.

Lots of Ways to Save On Your Taxes

When the time comes along for filing and paying your taxes, it can be painful and complicated. There are a large number of reliefs, allowances and ways to reduce your taxes and pay the least amount possible whilst still following legal regulations. It is best to hire an expert accountant Kent to offer advice and recommendations for your tax application. Here are lots of ways you can save on your taxes:

Tax Deadlines, Allowances and Codes

  • There are capital gains, annual investment and marriage allowances which allow savings to be made
  • Do not miss the deadline or you may have to pay £100 fine. Paper tax returns must be sent in 3 months before online returns.
  • Double check your tax code every year to make sure it is correct and you are paying the right amount.

Property Income

  • There is tax relief available on mortgages for buying rental properties.
  • Landlord expenses such as estate agent fees, cleaners and repairs can be deducted before declaring your taxable income.


  • When you are self-employed, make sure to claim all your deductible expenses, such as car costs and payments before filing the tax return.

Savings and Investments

  • There is a tax-free Isa allowance up to £20,000 which can be in a cash Isa or stocks and shares Isa, or split between both.
  • There are also dividend and personal savings allowances, and depending on the threshold they can provide savings

How to Save Money with Contractors

Expert tradespeople are difficult to come across, but when renovating your home hiring a professional contractor is most important. Time is money for contractors so unless you have a fixed price job, you will be paying for every hour they spend on-site. To help save money, you therefore need to save time for the contractors. Here are some ideas and tips on how to save money with contractors.


Work will be slower if the site is dirty, and you don’t really want to be paying a high rate for your contractors to be cleaning. Help out by removing rubbish and sweeping so they can work more efficiently.

Tool Storage

If there is nowhere safe to store their tools and the worksite is not considered secure, contractors will pack up their van when they have finished work and unpack it again the next day before beginning work. To save this one hour or more task a day, offer the contractors a safe place to store the tools such as a garage or room with a key.


Of course you hired a contractor to do a certain job for you such as renovating the exterior of properties or installing kitchens Brighton. Labour aside, there are other ways you can help out to save time being wasted. A contractor may spend a lot of time on the phone ordering supplies and material, and this is using up valuable labour time. You can make these calls instead, as well as organising deliveries, checking stock availability and picking up orders.